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Is Westlake California a Good Place to Live?

For many long-time Los Angeles county residents looking for a less-congested place to live, you might consider taking a second look at Westlake Village and its merits. Nestled near the Santa Monica mountains and within a short drive from the Ventura Freeway, luxury property seekers will find so much to like about Westlake Village and how much it is an excellent place to live.

Luxury properties in Ventura County have been rising in popularity since COVID-19. People are looking for less busy areas that can provide a better quality of life than where they were elsewhere in Southern California, especially Los Angeles. Westlake Village is an incorporated city along the county line bordering Ventura County. Westlake Village can be considered among Los Angeles’s city limits.

Other luxury properties, such as those at Thousand Oaks portion and Simi Valley, have their own merits. However, in Westlake Village, there is so much more to like. Highlighted by being located by Westlake Lake and its unique lakefront properties, the Westlake Village offers so much more.

People in Westlake Village

Westlake Village has a population of 8,000, with a population density much lower than Los Angeles City proper. With a median household income of $140,800 and a median home price of $1,270,000, you can consider the Westlake Village area upscale. Westlake Village has a neighborly feel, with 84% of the homes owner-occupied with an average household size of 2.5 members.

Is Westlake Village Accessible?

Many prospective homeowners may be looking for a walk-friendly neighborhood. Choosing Westlake Village over other choices means enjoying the suburban feel that is peaceful, quiet, and tranquil. The amenities, on the other hand, are spaced apart. Doing errands would require a reasonable driving time. However, there are public transit points available in Westlake Village, such as Los Angeles and LADOT bus stops. Bob Hope airport is located nearby. Los Angeles County and Santa Barbara are easily accessible through the US-101, with an exit for Westlake Boulevard. If you have an electric vehicle, Westlake Village has 13 electric vehicle charging stations, rated at level 2.

Westlake Village Schools

If you want to take root in an area, you should also consider the quality of schools where you wish to live. Fortunately, Westlake Village has many highly-rated public schools in the State and fine private schools. Santa Monica Alternative and Malibu High School are among the district’s four A+/A/A-rated public middle schools to provide high-quality education. The Conejo Valley school district also boasts many highly-rated schools as well. Among the best private schools in Westlake Village are the Arbor Academy and the Halstrom Academy-Westlake Village, among others.

Activities for Kids in Westlake Village

Residents can consider Westlake Village kid-friendly, with many parks, daycare centers, playgrounds, and highly-rated preschools. The most popular parks are the Triunfo Community Park, Southshore Hills Park, and Gardens of the World. Childcare facilities such as KinderCare Learning Center, Rising Star Child, Sunny Skies Day Camp, and Roots and Wings are nearby.

Amenities Nearby

If you are looking for golf courses near your area, the Westlake Golf Course is located just outside the village. A short drive north leads you to the fine North Ranch Country Club and Golf Course with 27 holes, also known as a special event venue.

Fitness buffs, such as the Westlake Fitness club, are provided with plenty of choices. The lakes nearby, such as Lake Sherwood, provide boating, waterfront dining, and hiking trails, perfect for outdoor activities or a weekend getaway. Westlake Lake alone has 8 miles of shoreline. With abundant green spaces and stunning vistas, Westlake Village is among Southern California’s cities where you feel you can breathe more easily.

Visitors can stay in hotels nearby, such as the Westlake Village Inn and the Four Seasons Hotel.

Hospitals and Other Nearby Places

The Thousand Oaks Surgical Hospital, West Oaks Urgent Care, and Westlake Medical Center hospitals near Westlake Village.

Commercial areas that contain dining options are available within a short drive for Westlake Village residents. Westlake Village Ca has a few grocery stores, such as Decker Kitchen, Vom Fass, and Westlake Village Farmers Market.

Takeaways: Westlake Village is an Excellent Place to Live

With the abundance of green spaces, and being near lakes, surrounded by stunning vistas, there are so many unique properties that make living in Westlake Village remarkable. With all the amenities within a short drive away and a neighborly feel, no wonder many prospective buyers always give Westlake Village a second look. If you are among real estate buyers looking for a safe, clean place where you can put down roots, Westlake Village is the perfect place for you in Southern California. If you are looking for homes for sale in Westlake village, ca, you can contact us at (818) 941-7437 or visit our listings, such as this property.

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